case consulting,inc.

Located in Columbia, South Carolina, offers Construction Administration services and Structural Consulting which assure project implementation remains in focus with the design, budget, and schedule to award the best final presentation today’s construction practices have to offer.

CASE Consulting, is a minority owned company led by President and Majority Owner, Calvin A. Wise. A Licensed General Contractor with 19 years of Structural Design and Construction Administration, Calvin A. Wise and the firm’s supporting staff of registered engineers, graduate engineers, licensed contractor, and skilled technicians provide the professional edge needed to excel in today’s construction environment. Utilizing the best of today’s computer oriented environment, CASE Consulting stays abreast of new construction practices, methodology, and technology with continuing educational training for its staff.



CASE Consulting provides Construction Administration services through highly experienced and qualified field personnel. With a high quality of past performance associated with public and private sectors, with clients ranging from Architects to Developers, Federal, State, and Local Municipalities to Individual Owners, CASE Consulting stands ready to provide the service you need to ensure project management is at its highest level. We can place our field representative on-site from ground breaking through close-out. Ours clients will be kept updated via written and visual documentation provided daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

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